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Now that I am retired from the navy research laboratory in San Diego and working as an engineering consultant, along with writing my technical books and thriller novels, I felt it was time to combine the two disciplines into one website. This was done and I’ve included this section of technical publications for two reasons: 1) Many of my novels deal with underwater technology and I wanted to be able to provide referenceable material in support of those novels and also verify to my readers that I understand the technology, and 2) provide easy access to my technical publications for those interested in the technology or who are researching what has been done in the past. During my career I have watched systems be successfully developed and then changed over time to the point that the past was forgotten and the same mistakes were manifesting themselves again. “What goes around, comes around,” so I’ve included my history to hopefully help others advance the technology without reinventing the wheel. Enjoy.

Technical Books

The ROV Manual, 2nd Edition. Many underwater operations that were once carried out by divers can now be carried out more efficiently and with less risk with Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). This is the first ROV "how-to" manual for those involved with smaller observation class ROVs used for surveying, inspection, observation and research purposes. As ROV technology becomes increasingly efficient and affordable, their use is rapidly spreading throughout a myriad of industries, everything from aquaculture to port and harbour security to underwater crime scene investigation, marine salvage, deep sea archaeology and commercial diving – even deep sea rescue missions are handled by ROVs. Any industry involved with underwater investigation and surveying will inevitably rely on these machines. The ROV Manual is the first user guide to provide complete training and knowledge on ROV operations for engineers, technicians or underwater recreational enthusiasts, whether working inland or offshore.

The Operational Effectiveness of Unmanned Underwater Systems is a book on CD-ROM edited and co-authored by Robert Wernli. The book contains details about unmanned systems, their expected performance, including full descriptions and specifications, how they operate, where they are operating and how successfully, and what they can be expected to do in the future. The CD-ROM, which contains 700 pages with 390 photographs, charts and diagrams, is available online free of charge from the Marine Technology Society at



The Spark in the Sea is a compilation of 15 Adventures in Marine Science edited by David Horrigan. Robert Wernli is the author of Just a Matter of Time, with Larry Brady, who relates the story of the rescue of the Pisces III submersible off Cork, Ireland, in 1973. The book is available from

Technical Papers

“Underwater Robots,” 2nd Annual Robotics Conference Proceedings, 1982 -- Available soon!

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