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Arctic Sunrise is the third book in the Sunrise trilogy. In the first two books, it was a Japanese antagonist challenging the U.S. protagonists. In Arctic Sunrise, Japan and the U.S. players join forces to solve an escalating problem. The Law of the Sea data gathering, to be used to determine how far off shore countries can claim the mineral deposits and other resources, is coming to a head. The sooner the countries can complete the underwater surveys, often under the icecap, the sooner they can claim the resources. But someone is sabotaging these surveys. Japan has the job to replace the lost survey assets until they lose their own survey capability. Chad Donegan is asked to bring his search capability and assets to the Arctic to help the Japanese complete their efforts. He agrees, unaware of the deadly situation he and his team are entering. With the most advanced underwater technology being used to circumvent the Law of the Sea agreement, it is only a matter of time before Chad and his team are involved in a deadly underwater game of chess played below the Arctic icecap.


Robert Wernli  |

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