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Sunrise Cartel


In Sunrise Cartel, the rematch begins! Machine vs. machine, man vs. man-wits and cunning compete in a fight to the death. Chad Donegan tried to balance his recent marriage and his desire to explore the ocean depths; what he saw on the horizon was insecurity and financial ruin. Lurking in the depths nearby was Chad's nemesis-Kenji Nomoto-waiting to attack with his technologically advanced systems. With a ship filled with students and a career-driven Washington bureaucrat, Chad and his crew find themselves once again pitted against one of the world's most ambitious and devilish opponents. Nomoto is pumping drugs into the veins of America's youth in his quest to destroy the country's next generation; Chad just wants to survive the voyage and return home to his pregnant wife. From San Diego to the Atlantic Ocean, this high-tech thriller throws Nomoto and his mole, Chad's crew, a Navy SEAL team, and all their combined technology into the ultimate underwater conflict.

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Free Preview of  Part One!

Robert Wernli answers your questions about Sunrise Cartel!

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