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Second Sunrise


Second Sunrise is a novel of colliding passions. A Japanese billionaire's drive for revenge will sacrifice everything, including those closest to him, to wreak both financial and physical devastation on the country that stole his life. A U.S.Olympic athlete and ocean explorer, driven to perfection, will accept no less than 'taking the gold.' When their paths cross, only one can reach victory. From sumo matches in Japan,to earthquakes in California, to hidden terror in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, this international thriller takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride. The resolution, staged on and below the ocean, where the most technologically advanced systems meet in a final gambit of death, escalates to a cataclysmic finale below the coastal waters of the western United States.

Second Sunrise takes the gold!

1st Place in Genre Fiction

Writer’s Digest 11th Annual International

Self-Published Book Awards.

“…spell binding…page turner…” - Dr. Robert Ballard

"Tom Clancy's Rightful Heir" - K.H., Silverdale, WA

 "Watch out [Stephen] King!!" -  J.M., Manassas, VA

“An exciting page-turner, it would make a great movie.” - Don Walsh, PhD

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