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Candy Arrington, Judge, Writer's Digest International Self-Published Book Awards.

"I was impressed by the author's ability to create an intriguing story line through precise technological details, while interweaving subplots and balancing character emotions and passions. It is obvious that Robert Wernli has expert level knowledge of the technology employed in the story, as well as keen understanding of human nature. The elements of revenge and perfectionism drive the story forward and keep readers guessing what will happen next and who will ultimately win. The plot is intense and believable - well structured and thought out."

Don Walsh, Ph.D, Captain US Navy (ret) "U.S. Deep Submergence Pilot #1" (Piloted Trieste to a depth of 35,800 feet in Mariana Trench)


“...he got it right and what a book he has written!  He corkscrews his characters through the plot's scenes with the mastery of an old hand at action-adventure writing.  His characters are well drawn and the scripting of dialogue between them is first rate.  This is not a book you leave behind when you have read it.  It invites revisiting.  An exciting page-turner, it would make a great movie.”

Robert Ballard, Ocean Explorer

(Discovered the Titanic)


"Finally, a book [Second Sunrise] comes along that is not only spell binding and a page turner but one written by an author that understands the true nature of the underwater world."

"Messrs. Cussler and Clancy . . . you've got company." Donald L. Rodocker, San Diego, CA USA.


Bob Wernli's technological accuracy is no surprise to those of us in the underwater and robotic technology industries. His reputation and proficiency as an engineer, diver, and expert in the field is well known throughout the world. In Second Sunrise he has skillfully interjected this extensive knowledge into and throughout an all-consuming and simply brilliant piece of great storytelling. His fast-paced but precise dialogues, technological accuracy, and imaginative but credible storyline combine to present the reader with a continuous and captivating assortment of clever surprises at every turn. The only downside to Mr. Wernli's remarkable first novel is when you finish the last page... and immediately begin to wonder how long you'll have to wait for his next treasure.



"Chad Donegan could kick Jack Ryan’s butt any day!" A reader from Southern California.


Robert Wernli's first novel is a combination of The Abyss, Chariots of Fire, and Die Hard. He has the incredible ability of weaving multiple plots and storylines together into a magnificent web of action, suspense, and surprise. His technical, social, and psychological knowledge far exceeds that of other authors in this genre. From the sumo-wrestling matches to underwater chases, Robert Wernli has me hooked!


"Watch out Stephen King!!" J.W. Malinoski from Manassas, VA, USA.


This new writer has what it takes to capture and hold one's attention from the beginning. Filled with action, layman level technical talk, great cast of characters and intrigue found only in the products of great writers. Lots and lots of twists and surprises. Never a dull moment. Definitely a techno-thriller well worth reading. Looking forward to his next offering.


"Outstanding!" Kay Overson from San Diego, CA USA


This book is steeped in technology but written for the layman to easily visualize. Very interesting characters, both good and bad, survived. Bob - get yourself to Idyllwild because I can't wait for the sequel. Go for the Gold - again!


"Terrorist Attack from the Abyss." A reader from El Cajon, CA USA


Author Wernli has a cleverly woven a scheme to accomplish the unthinkable. To this recipe he has meticulously extrapolated recent scientific discoveries about the world ocean and the dynamics of the ocean floor that could be used to create a catastrophic impact on the continental U.S. What devilish thoughts might be occurring in the minds of a person bent on revenge against America has been developed in this fiction novel. His hypothesis is so realistically described that one has to wonder is it really happening in the year he selected for the events to happen-2004! Clandestine activities underwater have occurred in recent years that shattered the world for the uniqueness and spying achievements that exceed even James Bond. In Wernli's novel he may be, like Jules Verne, accurately prognosticating an event of historic proportions.



"This is a Real Find!" A reader from Annapolis, MD


If you have ever enjoyed finding your weekend hijacked by a totally engrossing thriller, than this is the book for you. Wernli has crafted a gripping story woven around fascinating technology that is all the more intriguing because it is all completely plausible. The characters in this story reverberate with you, weeks after you have put the book down, and you find yourself impatient for a sequel or another book offering the same delightful escape!


This book would make a great Movie. Wernli's writing style makes it easy to imagine the scenes he creates and the action which takes place in those scenes leaves a lasting impression.


Whether you are technically minded or not, this is a book that will not disappoint. You will take pleasure in referring it to your friends, since they will then look upon you as some kind of book picking genius once they too have taken a ride to the bottom of the sea!



"Tom Clancy's Rightful Heir." A reader from Silverdale, WA USA


There is a "new kid" on the block and Tom Clancy better watch out. Clancy's last book convinced me that he has lost his original punch and is riding on his reputation. Robert Wernli's book Second Sunrise fills the gap nicely. His story is compelling and keeps the reader's interest at a fevered pitch throughout. His characters are interesting people with dreams and aspirations to which we can all relate. The book has some interesting twists and turns and never lacks for excitement. The author's technical expertise combines nicely with his creativity both of which are evident in his descriptions of the technologies used throughout the story. It would be great to see this story on the silver screen.


"I LOVED the book!" Berti Huffschmidt, Tallahassee, FL, USA.


I can't believe that I just now got around to reading it, but since I was sitting around waiting for [hurricane] Frances to hit, I thought, this is a great time to read that book...and I COULD NOT put it down. The electricity went off last night and I was bound and determined to see how it ended so I read the rest of it by flashlight! I can tell that there will be a sequel to it. I would like to get more copies to give to friends.



"Gripping!" Wes Gerriets, Schilling Robotics, Davis, CA, USA.


It's a page turner to be sure. Gripping, action packed and an excellent story. It's not only for those of us who love the technology, it's for everyone who loves a well written and well researched novel. Fantastic job! I can't wait for the second book.



BRAVO!!! Pat Lang, San Diego, CA. USA

I have just finished my happy read, and enjoyed every minute of it. Characters and settings come beautifully alive. And - your knowledge of the technology is truly amazing. Only problem: the last 100+ pages were so exciting, with so many cliffs for me to hang on, that I completely stopped my chores! Read- read- read!!

But - what a pleasure.  We compliment you on your success.


Move over Tom Clancy! Tom Lang, San Diego, CA. USA
I enjoyed reading your book very much. I think that you have a great writing
talent, in addition to your many other talents. I found "Second Sunrise" to
be not only exciting and entertaining, but I learned a lot about submersibles. I also liked your character buildup, which could easily lead to a series.


"A great read!" Chris Roper, Camarillo, CA. USA


So nice to read a book written by someone who understands what psi means.

Looking forward to the next one.


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