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Questions & Answers

1. What was your reasoning behind writing a non-underwater thriller after the success of your first two novels?


As I mentioned in an earlier discussion, Sam Brashly became one of my favorite characters. He had so many diverse traits—from a world-class hacker and conniver to a loving husband and an individual who has to deal with all the small issues life continues to deal all of us. And, since I live in San Diego, California, I am exposed to daily news regarding the illegal immigration, their gangs, the drugs, the vigilantes waving the U.S. flag along the border and on and on. So, what better way to develop another thriller than to throw my investigative reporter and syndicated columnist, Sam, with all his talents and idiosyncrasies, into the middle of the headlines.


2. Does your novel reflect these headlines?


Absolutely. I wrote this novel in 2008 and put it aside while I completed publishing my technical book, The ROV Manual. But the news didn’t get put aside and many of the projections and ideas in my novel were beginning to be talked about or were starting to take place. Therefore, I rewrote the story and got it on the market before it became history, especially considering all the issues being discussed in the upcoming presidential election. And this was fun because in 2008 we didn’t have the mobile technology and smart phones, etc., that we have today so I had to be careful with what was being used by my characters. A lot of fun to see how fast things change, but a lot of work also to stay ahead of the curve.


3. Do you plan additional Sam Brashly thrillers?


I hope to. First I need to complete the Sunrise trilogy. I have drafts of two other novels that I think Sam could fit nicely into. So I hope insert Sam in them and see what additional trouble I can get him into. Only time will tell.

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